Color Living

“Where there is no energy there is no colour, form or life”
This sentence was written by Caravaggio (1571 – 1610), the undisputed master of light, the Italian artist who was able to give a three-dimensional shape to nature and feelings more than anyone else.
We took inspiration from Caravaggio in order to explain the meaning of our research, our effort to bestow the power of nature and the colour of life upon stainless steel. We have built up our supply chain and started a brave project with our partners, aimed at doing research on energy and colour. The results are simply exciting.

Colour Living is not just a new series in our catalogues.
Colour Living is the new F.lli Perin.

F.lli Perin 4.0

Industry 4.0 means total interconnection between creativity and internal project needs of our international customers. More than 2 million euros have been invested in the 2018-2019 period, allowing both technological innovation and the creation of a team of designers, engineers, CAD and CAM operators able to create the best possible professional interface between the F.lli Perin and stakeholders all over the world.


Picture: Meteorite
Test prototype of a photobioreactor by F.lli Perin, projected by the PhD Architect Carmelo Zappulla. Vessels in Murano blown glass by Fondazione Berengo.
Let us thank the work group of Professor Christopher Howe, Dr. Paolo Bombelli and Dr. Brenda Parker, University di Cambridge, Department of Biochemistry, for their cooperation.

Technology + Flow logistics

In order to guarantee full Quality Control during all phases, the supply chain has been totally renewed with the use of new and highly sophisticated technologies such as:

  • The new press of Gasparini Industries
  • The new plasma welding torch for the “pots” line,
  • The automatic welding torch and grinder for the “basins” line,
  • Wi-Fi coverage of the entire company area in order to have perfect connection among machines and operators,
  • The detection system on board of machines in order to fully trace production flows,
  • The Mitsubishi ML3015Ex laser – F40 fibre with automatic movement system.

Hi-Performance Laser

The new Mitsubishi ML3015eX – F40 fibre laser with CNC controller, resonator and automatic “load-unload” movement system 30 MA Mitsubishi of the latest generation, first of its kind in Europe for applied solutions, is a system full of futuristic technologies such as:

  • The “Zoom Head” cutting head, with hermetically-sealed optical lenses, guaranteeing absolute precision, speed and flexibility,
  • The CAD-CAM system on Jet-Cam Suite platform and D-Cubes control, allowing a completely digital interface with the “company system” and the project and programming departments

The new Mitsubishi laser is a true piece of jewellery that will open the doors of F.lli Perin to research and high-performance creativity, always keeping up with the needs of clients all over the world!