F.lli Perin = Research & Development in Stainless Steel sector

Our products range from classics like basins, pots and braising pans -in large dimensions too-, to customised projects with the use of innovative techniques, colours and materials. The F.lli Perin is a world-leading company in the stainless steel sector. It produces components for large installations in the following sectors: HORECA, civil protection, hospitals, military, community services, industry and furniture.

F.lli Perin presents: The Kitchen of Ideas
or Innovative Solutions for the Gourmet Biz-Matching

“DESIGN SCULPTURE “is the new B2C Project of the F.lli Perin Company

“DESIGN SCULPTURE “is the new B2C Project of the F.lli Perin Company

Officina Perin continues its collaboration with the artist Giuliano Negretto and his flame technique by presenting "Fiore di Fuoco"(Fire Flower): design sculpture for wood fireplaces.
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Established experience in stainless steel machining ensures immediate responses to each customer’s specific needs.


Continuous research and experimentation of new and advanced machining techniques.


Rigid control standards and guarantee of absolute product quality.


Maximum organisation and flexibility to comply with the required time frames and quality.

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