“DESIGN SCULPTURE “is the new B2C Project of the F.lli Perin Company

With Officina Perin’s “Design Sculpture” project, a simple kit for wood fireplaces is transformed by bringing art into everyday life, a leading set among modern furnishing accessories.


The “Design Sculpture” project and the collaboration with Giuliano Negretto, the “blacksmith” who, with his flame technique, manages to give the forms of art to stainless steel, was born in 2017 with the presentation of the great “Illuminating Sculpture”: a monumental work capable of giving the look of a real Steel Atelier to our booth at the HOST Milan Exhibition.


With “Fiore di Fuoco” the step gets longer and the mission of Officina Perin – stainless steel Design, the new Creative Factory desired by Cinzia and Monica Perin, becomes clearer: to show the willingness to transfer 60 years of history, experiences and successes in a program dedicated to home living and home design with the creation of a catalog of stainless steel tools combine innovation, functionality, art.

The flame technique was born from an emotion… the emotion of seeing the color born from steel – so begins Giuliano Negretto in the video portrait that F.lli Perin has made, telling the genesis of “Fiore di Fuoco”. The work was presented online to the public for the opening of the new Amazon Italy Store. We extract some frames and some sentences of the artist from the script of this exciting short film…


I started to work as a blacksmith from an early age… I started to work with wrought iron because I’ve always been passionate about the flame, the heat…

The happy union between OFFICINA PERIN and the blacksmith-artist Giuliano Negretto was started within a wider project of enhancement of young Italian artists who have been able to interpret an industrial material such as stainless steel with courage.


Steel responds in a different way… I heat it up and it wraps around, it twists…

When an object, seemingly simple as fireplace accessory tools, leaves the restricted scope of its function and becomes something else… When a cold, aseptic material like stainless steel is charged with emotions and ancient stories… When a work of art is born and when you discover it and want to keep it with you, close to you, so that you can always see it…


I was asked very often – is this color? – and I would answer – no, it’s heat! –  everything was born from that!

The refined flame technique places the artist Giuliano Negretto in the abode of the Gods alongside the Greek Hephaestus, the Roman Vulcan, the Hindu Apan Napat, the Mayan Huracan… the powerful deities of fire.


Or maybe is he Prometheus, who stole fire from the Gods in order to give it to men?

When I light the blowtorch I enter another world…


The flame technique is an original concept, a neologism, coined by Giuliano Negretto to represent his art. It is expressed through ancient “fire” techniques, capable of reaching unexplored creative places.

It is here that F.lli Perin finds the strongest expression of its “steel takes shape from ideas”, because the industrial material has never been so able to reveal its own soul!

Watch the video: Giuliano Negretto and his Calorism – Making of “Fire Flower”

Go to Amazon Italy Store: Fire Flower

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