In 2017, F.lli Perin amazed the international public of HOST Milan with a programme that was revolutionary to say the least, where, starting from the sophisticated design of its stand, right through to its programme of cooking shows, not to mention its display of genuine works of art in stainless steel, the company’s concept and mission were unmistakably expressed.


“If at HOST 2017 the keywords we used to build our ‘communication line’ were CREATIVITY, RESEARCH and CULTURE,” reveal Monica and Cinzia Perin, “we can safely say that HOST 2019 will mark the transition from LOCAL to GLOBAL as a defining element in the journey toward our company’s expansion, which has now become unstoppable.

For this reason, it was decided to propose a partnership with the Consortium for the Protection of Treviso PGI Red Radicchio,” continues Walter Filippin, Managing Director of F.lli Perin, “identifying this product and organisation as a defining symbol of a ‘terroir’’, also on an entrepreneurial scale.


Few people know that our famous ‘Tardivo’ (Late) PGI Red Radicchio,” states Andrea Tosatto, Chairman of the Consortium, “is the fruit of a centennial ‘mix’ between nature and technique, where the ‘flower one eats’ is in fact the second budding that occurs after having removed the plant from the soil, in the dark and in hydroponic cultivation with the resurgent waters of the river Sile… a unique form of magic that has brought a product grown in the Treviso countryside (LOCAL) to the entire world (GLOBAL).


In our stand, we wanted to host an original gastronomic project that would be developed, just as it was two years ago, in three separate yet intimately connected episodes…” explains Monica Perin, “we wanted to talk about the LOCAL vs GLOBAL duo through a unique multisensory experience, two things in one, to transmit a genuine emotion to our audience, which at the same time expresses the uniqueness of our research.

This is precisely what made us so passionate about this project,” confirm Walter Feltrin and Piergiovanni Maschietto, Councillors of the Chamber for Coldiretti and Artigianato Trevigiano, “the ability to present to a qualified audience the reality of our origins, interpreted through the kitchen in a philologically correct manner, and at the same time exposed to international viewing. All this thanks to the positive intuition and advanced technology of our historical Treviso-based company.

And so it was that as part of the “AgriChef” project by Coldiretti, two chefs were selected, who both passed the difficult qualification process, to be matched up with a young Michelin-starred chef, an exponent of “new international cuisine”, capable of interpreting the concept of “global nature” from both a technical and cultural perspective.

And so it was that as part of the “AgriChef” project by Coldiretti, two chefs were selected, who both passed the difficult qualification process, to be matched up with a young Michelin-starred chef, an exponent of “new international cuisine”, capable of interpreting the concept of “global nature” from both a technical and cultural perspective.
This is the team that on Friday 18th, Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th October, from behind the stove at the F.lli Perin stand, will “talk” about LOCAL Vs GLOBAL:

Elena Bordin, AgriChef owner of Agriturismo Bosco del elena-bordin2Falco, who passed our test with an stand-out “Radicchio and walnut, raisin and pullet salad”. After completing her studies in hospitality, numerous experiences in Europe and excellent results in Coldiretti cooking courses, together with her husband Paolo, Elena fell in love with a farmhouse in the heart of Montello and in 2000 brought her dream to life.

Bosco del Falco, the result of a careful and conservative renovation, is today a place where quality food is combined with respect for nature, where courtyard animals, olive trees, orchards and a large vegetable garden all live together immersed in the silent beauty of a millennial forest.

marco-osellame2Marco Osellame is the second AgriChef who accepted the challenge to take on technology and the internationalisation of flavour. Marco is the son of a farming tradition that for generations has passed on its unconditional love for the land. In 1996, after having renovated various countryside properties on the slopes of Montello, Agriturismo Osellame was born.

A self-taught and passionate cook, Marco learned the basics from his parents before developing his own personal style during the Coldiretti courses, and as he himself says, “…curiously observing the work of more expert chefs”.
His “Spaghetti with ‘tardivo’ Radicchio and Celery” amazed with the simplicity and naturalness of its flavour, the genuine image of an ancient and sincere culture.


With Heiko Lacher, patron chef of the Michelin-starred restaurant “Anima in Tuttlingen (a town with Celtic origins just a few kilometres above Lake Como), our chef trio is complete.

Heiko Lacher, voted best emerging chef in Germany in 2018, was selected thanks to his collaboration with online media partners “Reporter Gourmet” and “GastroCritici”, for his inclination for modern “natural cuisine”.


Food should be fun and relaxing,” Heiko tells us, “I love nature and I always try and express it in my dishes… that’s why I chose the Italian word ANIMA (Soul) for my restaurant: it has a personal, intimate ring to it… it evokes my walks through the forest in search of natural treasures, which I then bring to the table.”

From the Forest of Montello to the… Forest of the Soul, this will be the sensory journey that awaits us at HOST 2019, but… something is missing!


Where is that unique technology and innovation hiding, capable of injecting the sensory experience into a company concept?

We look full of hope toward Monica Perin, whose womanly smile and closeness to Paolo De Gasperis, researcher in the microwave field, already Director of the Institute of Solid-State Electronics of the National Research Centre and winner of the “Descartes Prize” of the European Commission, leaves us with a lingering appetite… “two years ago we began to speak of colour and this year, colour will definitely be a protagonist. We began to speak of artistic form and design and this year they will be even more so… two years ago we began a journey and… come on! Don’t make me say it again!”


De Gasperis smiles and slyly concludes, “… today we spoke of good cuisine but to eat, we also need plates. This will be our ‘symbol product’ for HOST 2019. Until next time!


Having understood that in honour of the exquisite colour of Treviso chicory, the theme colour for HOST 2019 will be red, all we can do is wait for the next episode to discover how F.lli Perin managed to transform a plate into an identifying symbol, or rather into the “technological core” of the entire project.

mauro zardetto


All photos have been taken from the F.lli Perin srl archive except for the following:

Foto n° 2-3: Consorzio di Tutela del Radicchio Rosso di Treviso IGP e Variegato di Castelfranco Veneto IGP

Foto n° 4-5: Agriturismo Bosco del Falco e Agriturismo Osellame

Foto n° 6-7: Ristorante Anima

Foto n° 8: NoiDue da Flickr www.flickr.com/photos/noidue723/5033725183/