Inside us we were convinced of, but could not imagine, such a success! – it is with these few words that Monica and Cinzia Perin, returning from HOSTMILANO 2017, the great event that for 5 days brought to Milan the entire world of hospitality in its various manifestations, with surprising participation by Oceania (+52.8%), Latin America (+31%), the Middle East (+25,8%) and Africa (+11%), commented on the début of F.lli Perin with the new, much acclaimed stand and with the new, highly popular program of “Exposition & Live Performance”.
Among the many innovations that debuted at HOST 2017, we would like to begin our reportage with two videos that also inaugurate the new section of the website, now called News, Media & Events“.
Clicking the button “VIDEO ARCHIVE” takes you to our gallery that will be constantly enhanced with new emotions:
HOSTMILANO 2017 & THE KITCHEN OF IDEAS – the videoreportage
TECHNOLOGY AND HUMAN FACTOR – a small institutional film that is divided into two parts: the first where man 2.0, that is not seen, controls the machine; the second one where the man, who is seen, perfects with his skills and experience what the machine will never be able to achieve, the magic touch of quality.


The event that characterised the first day dedicated to CREATIVITY was a true “vernissage” with the artist Giuliano Negretto, the award-winning chef Graziano Prest (Restaurant Tivoli in Cortina) and Mr. Paolo De Gasperis, formerly Director of CNR (National Research Centre), our consultant for Research & Development.
What was defined with true admiration the “great illuminating sculpture”, the impressive work of art site specific by the sculptor Giuliano Negretto, inaugurated the presentation of the new line “full color” that F.lli is presenting for the first time on the market.
web_21 This is how Mr. De Gasperis introduced the scientific presentationThe possibility of colouring laminates and the related items made with them, while maintaining the physical and mechanical properties of the same, has long been an important result to be achieved, where the use of traditional electrochemical techniques (galvanic and similar) has shown obvious limitations with regard to colour stability, adhesion and uniformity of the deposited layer, as well as a moderate resistance to thermal fluctuations and abrasion. Thanks to the modern technologies derived from microelectronics, these problems have now been overcome through use of the processes of vacuum deposition that have unique characteristics in the context of surface coating techniques.  And the public, especially the American and oriental audience, welcomed with great curiosity the new products of the “Full Color line“.

web_mg_4086RESEARCH is the key word that characterised the second day which saw as protagonist MrCarmelo Zappulla, Italian talent that from Barcelona, with his External Reference Architects, designed “Meteorite“, our new multidisciplinary project.
A Photo-Bioreactor which reproduces, artistically and from a design perspective, the experiments of NASA for the hydroponic cultures of primordial algae Chlorella vulgaris, an actual “living” machine, spectacular demonstration of how the technology of steel expressed by F.lli Perin can combine with the art of artistic Murano glassware (Berengo Foundation of Venice) and scientific research (Dr. Paolo Bombelli – Department of Biochemistry – Cambridge University).
Unicellular, alga highly rich in proteins and vitamins, that our award-winning chef Graziano Prest (Restaurant Tivoli of Cortina) interpreted for our guests imagining, with a touch of irony, a gourmet dish to be eaten at the table with the astronauts on a Martian base.
Massimiliano Tonelli, director of ArTribune as well as manager for the contents of the Gambero Rosso, after awarding the Architect. Carmelo Zappulla, winner with the Catalan-born colleague Uroz Chu of the “Premio Internazionale di Architettura e Design Bar-Ristoranti-Hotel d’Autore 2017 “, decided to visit us, intrigued by our “creature”. Meteorite, in its final configuration, will again be presented to the public in the prestigious halls of Palazzo Franchetti, on the Grand Canal in Venice, organised by the Fondazione Berengo, project partner.
Undoubtedly a “Stay Tuned” to all of you – Monica and Cinzia Perin proudly affirm- because with Carmelo, winner also in London of the “SBID International Design Awards 2017 – Restaurant Design”, true Italian talent, now our friend and collaborator, Cinzia and I, with the help of all our staff, will amaze you with new projects where design, color and Technology will determine the trends of the near future!

web_img_20171022_120637Particularly centred was also the third key word CULTURE, presented by us with the new format of cooking show called “La Tavola della Pace” that allowed us, in an edition of HOST that recorded a 25.8% increase in attendance from the Middle East, in which Israel stands out with a 38% increase and other significant figures from the United Arab Emirates and Iran, to assert ourselves as true interpreters of technological and social development of that area.
Host and protagonist Annamaria Aisha Tiozzo (President of WHAD) who presented her “Italia Bayti – Muslim Friendly Hospitality” with the chef Davide Ferrazzini and Francesco Carlone (Élite Service Group and Restaurant Barone Rosso) that presented a modern creamy salted cod revisited in accordance with the Halal rules.
For one day our stand was transformed into a great “multicultural table” where customers of different ethnic origins and religions closely followed the narration of Ms. Tiozzo on “Le Cucine del Libro“, an interesting historical-gastronomical explanation on the three monotheistic religions (Christianity, Judaism and Islam), then tasting the original recipe that, although made following the Islamic religious requirements, preserved its regional typicality.

It was particularly interesting – commented Georgia Zuliani, a third generation contributor who recently joined the company to see first-hand the great focus of these new markets on the Made in Italy concept and we, also thinking about possible new international fairs, aim to be involved with a program of events that is able to interpret and respect the culture of each market.
Inside us we were convinced of, but could not imagine, such a success! – conclude Monica and Cinzia Perin – and our new stand, a true boutique, so beautiful that it contains every new piece as if it were a work of art and so welcoming that it transformed us, our staff and our customers into one large family, will long be our emblem, our “house of quality” that will grow in the near future, enjoying new adventures and international successes.

Thanks to:
For the video “Technology and Human Factor” we are grateful for the technology to Gasparini Industries
The images of Leonello Maganza – Director of Photography of Enrico Pierotti – Music from the album Mantra by Alberto Grollo and Rino Capitanata

For the Photo-Bioreactor “Meteorite”: Project by Carmelo Zappulla (External Reference Architects) – A production by F.lli Perin & Fondazione Berengo. The scientific consultancy of Paolo Bombelli (Cambridge University – Department of Biochemistry – Team: Professor Christopher Howe, Dr. Paolo Bombelli and Dr. Brenda Parker).  Music from Mantra by Alberto Grollo and Rino Capitanata