HOST 2019 LOCAL > GLOBAL:  watch the video

For F.lli Perin, HOST 2019 marked the transition from LOCAL to GLOBAL as an element that identifies a journey of corporate evolution, which has now become unstoppable and confirmed by the recent certifications of the ‘Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015’ and of the ‘Occupational Health and Safety Management System BS OHSAS 18001:2007.’



Quality of Production, Quality of Life in the workplace and… Quality for Consumer Health thinking about the upcoming certification for the MOCA, materials and objects intended to come in contact with food, with which F.lli Perin will guarantee treatments that do not transfer substances that are hazardous to human health or that can compromise the organoleptic quality of the food itself.


‘A concept of “Total Quality”,’ said Cinzia and Monica Perin, returning from the big event, ‘that was received by the public of the fair with considerable interest, allowing us to record a significant performance, hosting and meeting 33% of national operators joined by an excellent 46% from the European Market, completed by a precious 21% of stakeholders from non-EU countries, including Asia, the Middle East, South America, and Africa. A true success for our slogan LOCAL > GLOBAL!’


‘Especially in addressing the global markets, we wanted to express a concept of “Country System”,’ continued Walter Filippin, General Manager of F.lli Perin, ‘presenting ourselves, for the first time, in a “local global” collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso-Belluno, the Consortium for the Protection of the Radicchio Rosso di Treviso IGP, the Artigianato Trevigiano, and Coldiretti Treviso-Campagna Amica: a modern approach to express a new trend of corporate culture, where a “ready-made object”, fruit of our technology, has become a symbol of an entire, complex, and synergistic order of factors.’


Marcel Duchamp in 1917, by inventing the ‘Ready-Mades’, transformed everyday objects, taken away from the context of their ordinary use, into true conceptual artworks. ‘It is from the great French artist that we wweb-8_3anted to draw inspiration for the design of an object that would be an expression of our “manufacturing” company,’ explained Dr. Paolo De Gasperis, coordinator of the experimental project, ‘where the highest technology combines with the obsessive attention to detail and the experience of the Homo Faber, expressing, at the same time, a creativity taken to the extreme. Thus, a mould for a “normal” 4-burner stove, turned upside down and decontextualized, becomes a LOCAL > GLOBAL plate to which we have given aesthetic value thanks to our partner CM Group, leader in high temperature vacuum colour treatments.’

Ready-Made ‘Stories of Colour and Steel’: watch the video


‘Thanks to this cultural and technological idea,’ continued Cinzia and Monica Perin, cooking enthusiasts, ‘we have been able to involve our audience in an absolutely original experience, Local and Global, where the traditional recipes of two AgriChefs from Coldiretti Treviso have come together in a fruitful sensorial dialogue with the culture and technique of a young, great European chef: Heiko Lacher, managing chef of the ANIMA Restaurant in Tuttlingen (1 Michelin Star), voted in 2018 in Germany as Best Emerging Chef!’


And here are the comments of Heiko Lacher to the recipe of AgriChef Elena Bordin (Cream of Montello’s Potatoes with Radicchio and Pancetta): ‘I very much appreciated the Radicchio Rosso di Treviso Tardivo IGP in its version in oil, so, in dedication to Elena’s dish, I paired it with popcorn of Tuttlingen Potato obviously together with a dash of my main recipe, where I combine the sweetness of Radicchio with a European taste and style.


Speaking of the dish by AgriChef Marco Osellame (Radicchio and Beans), Heiko continued: ‘It is with great pleasure and interest that I discovered the versatility in the kitchen of the Radicchio Rosso di Treviso Tardivo IGP and so, in dedication to Marco’s dish, and again paired with a dash of my original recipe, I also tried to cook it together with white Beans and Wood-sorrel.’


Concluding then with the presentation of his dish, created specifically for the occasion: ‘In my visit to Treviso I also had the opportunity to taste Tiramisu in its original recipe. Its layered structure with alternating sweetness and flavours has inspired the GLOBAL idea for the Radicchio Rosso di Treviso Tardivo IGP, bringing European culinary trends together in a single dish. So I added the Radicchio, processing it with several cooking techniques, into a terrine of French inspiration, alternating it with Organic Duck Liweb-8-_9aver marinated with Prosecco and Grappa, a savory biscuit, Belgian chocolate, Tuttlingen Spruce Shoots, and Wood-sorrel. A very soft Prosciutto di Montagnana DOP references the LOCAL use of Pancetta and Guanciale from the rural Treviso tradition but with a more discreet GLOBAL touch… My dish can thus be thought of as a great “Princely Court” of European flavours that gathers to celebrate the King, Radicchio Rosso di Treviso Tardivo IGP, and I’m so happy with the result that, with my team, we have decided to include it into our official menu’. BRAVO!!!

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‘While reminding you that chef Heiko Lacher refers in his comments also to the Radicchio di Treviso in the delicious versions in oil, pâté, and mixes brought by the Consortium with the companies Torre d’Orlando, Nonno Andrea, and MG,’ concluded Cinzia and Monica Perin, ‘we certainly could not have reached such levels without an organization and a truly LOCAL > GLOBAL team, so we would like to thank, starting from the careful direction of Mauro Zardetto, author of the format, CS 81 for the scenographic installations of the stand, the Hausbrandt Group, Col Sandago, and Theresianer for the food and wine pairings and guided tastings, our media partners Reporter Gourmet, Gualtiero Spotti (Gastrocritici), and the Gruppo Editoriale GEDI with, above all, La Tribuna di Treviso, for all the help, advice, and friendship expressed in a truly exciting and professionally unique three-day event that made this edition of HOST 2019 an absolutely memorable occasion!’

THANKS EVERYONE and thanks to Alessio Langiano, excellent LOCAL>GLOBAL spokesperson, perfect interpreter and, when necessary, expert maître.


PS: now from all over the world they are asking us what we are going to do for HOST 2021. Don’t you worry, we already have a new winning idea!

Cinzia, Monica, and Georgia Perin