The concept of social distancing has been ruling over our lives recently, and distance means loneliness too. The HOST 2019 exhibition, with its excitement and dynamism, may be just a memory. We as F.lli Perin have put our production chain in standby, in compliance with the legislation and the experience of those who faced emergencies before us. However, we want to break free from this situation and share positivity in a system that unites us all in the world.
We want to learn and become better. That is why we started reminding, analysing and projecting. We have started to write down our history, in order to understand who we have become. This is what modern vocabularies define as “Company Profile”, but we would rather call it: Once upon a time there was Giovanni Perin, our father.

Cinzia and Monica Perin

Browse with us the history, the present and the future of the F.lli Perin company (pdf)


“Where there is no energy there is no colour, form or life”  – This sentence was written by Caravaggio (1571 – 1610), the undisputed master of light, the Italian artist who was able to give a three-dimensional shape to nature and feelings more than anyone else. We took inspiration from Caravaggio in order to explain the meaning of our research, our effort to bestow the power of nature and the colour of life upon stainless steel. We have built up our supply chain and started a brave project with our partners, aimed at doing research on energy and colour. The results are simply exciting. Colour Living is not just a new series in our catalogues.
Colour Living is the new F.lli Perin.

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“Innovation in the time of coronavirus is cultural, even if technological” and we at the F.lli Perin company have more than sixty years of experience, we have an energy that becomes tangible when you move from one department to another, among lasers, presses, welding torches, grinders… they are all becoming more automatic and faster, more interconnected within a complex and efficient company structure. This energy comes from far away, and thanks to the passion that we and our workers have, it will surely have a long, long way to go.

We started a new era with Colour Living, the era of life-long innovation.

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