F.lli Perin and Ca’ Foscari University of Venice: three initiatives for a 2017 characterised by ‘research and development’.

It’s around the table that business is done and good ideas are formed… and so, to modernise this traditionally Italian adage, we shifted our focus from the kitchen to the table and to that free and wide-ranging conversing that can become a fun and original interpretation of modern Biz-Matching.


Experior is a training project of Ca’ Foscari Management Department that aims to innovate teaching through learning experiences based on ‘Learning by Doing’ projects, where the students come into direct contact with the real world of business and its ‘research and development’ issues. By working directly with our company, the students participating in the ‘Advanced business strategy’ course, held by professor Michele Tamma, are enjoying an unforgettable experience, and their ideas will come to enrich our ‘menu’.



Biennale Innovazione 2017 is a residential event backed by Ca’ Foscari and by professors Carlo Bagnoli and Stefano Campostrini, in partnership with the other universities in the north-east and eminent partners in the production and consultancy industry. It brings to the attention of a large and qualified panel of Italian entrepreneurs the state-of-the-art research for the development of business and contemporary society. A rich programme of TED-style meetings in which F.lli Perin will present a new technological project, alternating with multi-sensory experiences of ‘food design’ where, once again, ‘The Kitchen of Ideas’ will be the star.


‘Global Food = Global Peace?’, this is the big question people were trying to give an answer to on Saturday 7 January at the Treviso Cuor di Natale fair, which lit up the historical centre of Treviso, inaugurating the new collaboration with the Ca’ Foscari Alumni Association and its Director Dr. Marco Cosmo, and where a new format was tried, entitled ‘Gourmet World Cafè: Around the table with Generation Y, the Millennials’.


The World Café was founded in the United States in 2008, and represents a particular technique of discussion, free and guided at the same time, optimal for the creative development of ideas, and centred exclusively on the good feeling of being together, like when we discuss while sipping a good coffee. Particularly dedicated to the title of the format, we greet the historic and prestigious Caffè Hausbrandt, partner of the Treviso Restaurateurs Group. With Riccardo Penzo, publisher and editor of the Guide ‘Ristoranti che Passione’, young Venetian chefs debated about the current topics discussed in the auditorium- restaurant.


‘Global Food = Global Peace?’ inspired the debate coordinated by Dr. Annamaria Aisha Tiozzo (WHAD, World Halal Development, Italian Halal Certification Centre), one of the greatest experts in the world of Halal certification, with the creation of a special Trevisan risotto, capable of respecting both the Islamic and Jewish dietary rules. The recipe, created by Diana Bertuola, chef of the Restaurant Al Ringraziamento (Gruppo Ristoratori della Marca Trevigiana), wants to be a symbol of peace expressed through taste and good multi-cultural cuisine.


Thanks to its new partners Ca’ Foscari University and Ca’ Foscari Alumni, F.lli Perin has launched an intense and innovative activity in connection with the world of ‘research and development’ that will allow the company to be present at HOST 2017, from 20 to 24 October 2017, with a completely revolutionised stand and programme, full of meetings and events created thanks to the partnership with the Gruppo Ristoratori della Marca Trevigiana. Stay tuned!


We thank the coordinator Arturo Filippini and all the staff of the restaurant Da Alfredo El Toulà of Treviso for the excellent direction of the food and wine events

Photo 1: Talk Cooking Show – Arrangements by the restaurant Tre Panoce – Conegliano (TV)

Photo 2-3: Experior Team at the F.lli Perin

Photo 4: ‘Sweet Food Design’ by chef Mirco Migotto – Restaurant Al Migò of Treviso

Photo 5: ‘Ristoranti che Passione’ by Riccardo Penzo with the restaurant Il Tinello of Vicenza

Photo 6: ‘Le Cucine del Libro’ (WHAD) – La Tribuna of Treviso

Photo 7: ‘Ristoranti che Passione’, restaurant Il Tinello and Vini Case Bianche

Photo 8: ‘#AMAtrice di Mare’ by chef Leonardo Poma – Restaurant Albertini of Visnadello (Treviso) – Technology Partner Berto’s SpA

The photos 5 and 7 are by Carlomaria Corradin